Monday, 26 August 2013

Japanese Street Fashion Trends - 2013

            We thought Japanese Fashion was just Kimono, Yukata and the Sailor School Uniforms; well, not anymore. Blame to the hip-hop culture or their love for cosplay, now the Japanese street fashion is all eye popping pink hair and very (very) short skirts. Yes and a few years ago, if you were to ask what to wear on streets in Japan (Tokyo); answer would be usually like “In Japan, you can wear you skirts/shorts as short as you want, but showing a midriff is a complete no-no”. Guess what!!! The hottest trend in Tokyo Street Fashion this summer – Belly Buttons.


Mayu, a fashion designer/blogger and singer.
Look: Crop top, vintage strip skirt, and platform sandals.
Hairstyle: Green and metallic odango topped with a tiara.
Accessories: Purse, tattoo necklace and bracelets, colorful bracelets, round sunglasses, a cross choker.

Pi-chi, an illustrator.
Look: Checkered crop top, cut off denim shorts, net socks and creepers.
Hairstyle: Purple bob.
Accessories: Suspenders, a harness, bracelets and two bags (a backpack and a striped tote).


Yuri Nakagawa, a fashion blogger.
Look: Vivi x Snidel Bless crop top, pop art print skirt, Nike socks and platform sandals with clear uppers.
Hairstyle: Short light green.
Accessories: A beanie, sunglasses, a necklace, earrings, yellow transparent clutch and a tote bag.

            It would be a sin on our part to talk about the Japanese Street Fashion and not mentioned the “Harajuku” town, the area around Tokyo’s Harajuku Station, because of the fact that over the past years Harajuku town has become world famous as Japan’s center of street fashion. The hub for Japanese most extreme teenage culture and street fashion. The area was originally a small village inhabited by low level samurai but post WWII; it turned into a center of fashion and youth culture. In order to experience these teenage culture at its extreme, visit Harajuku station on a Sunday, when many young people gather around the station and engage in cosplay.

A stylish Harajuku girl. 
Look: White crop top, a plaid skirt and platform boots. 
Hairstyle: Silver. 
Accessories: Cap, leather choker, leather backpack.



A girl from Harajuku. 
Look: striped rose-print crop top, dyed acid washed denim, skate boots. 
Hairstyle: Aqua blue. 
Accessories: A colorful headscarf, orange purse.

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  1. Always love Japanese culture. Its one culture i wanted to experience once b4 i die. And wow!!! Now even love their street Fashion. Great!!! :)
    Zhoniu's Art

  2. Thank you zhoniu and yes we love Japanese culture. They are just so classy <3

  3. Absolutely adore these looks, they are all great! X

    1. Thank you and yes, we so love there fashion style.

  4. I am amazed whenever I see somejapan street style photos - I want to go there and learn:)

    1. Us too and Japanese culture is such a fancy and people with all the wild dressing are very polite.

  5. Very interesting this post! I had never seen the Japanese street style! it was a wonderful discovery! I love the outfit of the blogger Yuri Nakagawa! are a new follower, congratulations for your blog!

    1. Thank you and glad you get to learn something new :)