Monday, 28 October 2013

Fashion Humor

               Hi fabulous, sorry I haven’t been able to post or visit your blogs for some time now. I was sick some past two week ago and was hospitalized for a few days and then my exams got started, so I was really busy and stuff like that. But thanks to everyone who visited my blog and left comments, i really appreciated it, and I have done some of the exams very well woohooo!!! Well, my last exam is on Wednesday. I can’t wait to finish the exam so I could enjoy the autumn. I already love the weather out here. How is weather at your end? And my condolence for readers from UK whose family has been affected by the storm. We remember you in our prayers.
               Anyway, I have been out of here for long, but today I really can’t do a post as i have to study a bit. So, I just wanted to drop by and say “hi” and share a few funny fashion statements/funny fashion quotes, so you can smile. Enjoy and wish me luck.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Korean Street Fashion Trend: 2013

             First of all, I don’t like Korean movies just because of the fact they are rather too melodramatic (or even the word “melodramatic” is an understatement, I think) and secondly, I have no freaking clue of how “Gangnam Style” became a youtube sensation. Seriously!!! It was one freaking annoying hip-pop song of the decade (okay I admit, some of the dance steps was very funny). Other than that, I love everything Korean. And now, mind you when I say Korea, I mean South-Korea. Damn!!! I don’t trust North-Koreans (Hahaha…That was just a joke). 

             Their girls as cute as a pink cupcake, their skin as flawless as their cuteness and their street fashion, now that’s what we are about to discover. And by the way, South-Korea’s capital city Seoul, I think it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the whole of Asia or even maybe in the world. Here we introduce three of their most famed street fashion bloggers from the beautiful streets of Seoul.

Youngeun Jo:

          A student of Fashion Design at Sejong University and blog via “JaQjo Y”, Jo wants to include a masculine touch to all her clothes, now and in the future. Call her a tomboyish but she thinks brand doesn’t matter, what matters to her is in being sensible styling and she wants to become a designer someday. Now that’s ironic, isn’t it? And by the way, she recently launched her own brand “JaQjo Y”. Jo, I think you are already a designer now.

Soyoung Kim:

          A major in Fashion design and a fashion marketer by profession, she wants to be like Miroslava Duma (remember that cute Russian fashion icon from the post we did a few weeks back?). With her knowledge and working experience in the fashion industry, she has an edge in the world of fashion blogging via “Voglee Look”, where she writes about being fashionable daily and she smiles at lot, that’s her mantra and her charisma.

Ji Sook Park:

          A model and a street style fashion blogger at “Warmwood”, she enjoys pressing the camera shutter to record the daily looks on the streets and also her style. One of her best traits is, she likes to make over dresses and she loves to be surrounded by nature. Now you know the reason why her blog is names Warmwood.