Wednesday, 28 August 2013

AfroPunk Street Fashion 2013

          This past weekend, with an estimate 30,000 turned out, at the 8th Annual AfroPunk Fest, the MTV Video Music Awards wasn’t the only thing that happened in Brooklyn, NY. And for any street fashion lovers, it was heaven with bold prints, vibrant colors and accessories surrounded everywhere. Some of our picks from that colorful event…

          A two day event, 24th -25th August, which took place in Commodore Barry Park, better known as “the other black experience” is now gaining its momentum since 2005, when its first annual fest was held. It all started with a documentary “Afro-Punk” in 2003, by Mr. Morgan and James Spooner, a cultural movement consist of black people and other minorities of color who are actively involved in punk rock and alternative community. Today it celebrates wide range of music along with fashion and food.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Japanese Street Fashion Trends - 2013

            We thought Japanese Fashion was just Kimono, Yukata and the Sailor School Uniforms; well, not anymore. Blame to the hip-hop culture or their love for cosplay, now the Japanese street fashion is all eye popping pink hair and very (very) short skirts. Yes and a few years ago, if you were to ask what to wear on streets in Japan (Tokyo); answer would be usually like “In Japan, you can wear you skirts/shorts as short as you want, but showing a midriff is a complete no-no”. Guess what!!! The hottest trend in Tokyo Street Fashion this summer – Belly Buttons.


Mayu, a fashion designer/blogger and singer.
Look: Crop top, vintage strip skirt, and platform sandals.
Hairstyle: Green and metallic odango topped with a tiara.
Accessories: Purse, tattoo necklace and bracelets, colorful bracelets, round sunglasses, a cross choker.

Pi-chi, an illustrator.
Look: Checkered crop top, cut off denim shorts, net socks and creepers.
Hairstyle: Purple bob.
Accessories: Suspenders, a harness, bracelets and two bags (a backpack and a striped tote).


Yuri Nakagawa, a fashion blogger.
Look: Vivi x Snidel Bless crop top, pop art print skirt, Nike socks and platform sandals with clear uppers.
Hairstyle: Short light green.
Accessories: A beanie, sunglasses, a necklace, earrings, yellow transparent clutch and a tote bag.

            It would be a sin on our part to talk about the Japanese Street Fashion and not mentioned the “Harajuku” town, the area around Tokyo’s Harajuku Station, because of the fact that over the past years Harajuku town has become world famous as Japan’s center of street fashion. The hub for Japanese most extreme teenage culture and street fashion. The area was originally a small village inhabited by low level samurai but post WWII; it turned into a center of fashion and youth culture. In order to experience these teenage culture at its extreme, visit Harajuku station on a Sunday, when many young people gather around the station and engage in cosplay.

A stylish Harajuku girl. 
Look: White crop top, a plaid skirt and platform boots. 
Hairstyle: Silver. 
Accessories: Cap, leather choker, leather backpack.



A girl from Harajuku. 
Look: striped rose-print crop top, dyed acid washed denim, skate boots. 
Hairstyle: Aqua blue. 
Accessories: A colorful headscarf, orange purse.

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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Why Online Shopping?

            In the world today with approximately over 7 billion population, Google has over 1 billion active accounts and gets over 2 million searches per minute (wow!!!); Facebook has over 500 million accounts; Twitter also has over 500 million accounts; Yahoo over 275 million active users today and there are still many more giants out there but the point is; 1 out of every 5 people in the world today is connected via internet. And if you are reading this, I am sure you use either Facebook or Twitter or maybe even Google+.

Can't wait to get hold of this Skull Rivet Hobo bag i ordered on Amazon 
            We live in a world of Social Networking today and very likely this trend will survive the century. No doubt, everyone is doing social network Viral Marketing today, promoting/selling something or the other. It’s a virtual jack-pot there. Now, let’s go shop online, shall we?

Convenience and Variety: Have you ever gone out shopping with tired or hungry kids? “I want to go home, or Mum can I have…can I have…can I have”. Yeah, that’s boring. Or have you ever faced a situation where you have no place to spend your time because you couldn’t find a parking space? Or, you’re in a hurry because the shopping mall closes at 9 pm? Or even maybe, there is too much rush at the store because of some off season sale and you can barely stand or find what you like. Yes, I guess we all have faced that situation. That’s where online shopping comes into the picture minus the problems mentioned above. You can shop online while the kids are sleeping or at school and they are open 24x7 in the convenience of your home. Or, maybe you can also invite a friend over and do some window shopping. Just a few search and clicks and you have a thousand retailers offering thousands of products. Compare products, shop and get it delivered at your doorsteps. Now that’s convenience.

Compulsive or Impulsive Buying: This has happened to me. I went to the store and came out buying something I actually didn’t want or need it because of the compulsive pleasant upselling skills of the shop keepers. And at times, I went in the store and ended up buying something I actually didn’t even need it because at the time when I was going through all the stacks I didn’t realize what I really needed. I just bought it because I thought I liked it; and unfortunately I had to spend some few days near the months end, broke or borrowing from friends and family. This can be avoided when shopping online.

Okay, the pictures are stolen from Amazon. I haven't got mine yet
Send Gifts and Reward Points: Ok, I admit; this is the one best thing I like about shopping online. Who doesn’t want their birthday to be “special” or to surprise someone on a particular occasion with a gift? Keeping this in mind nowadays every major online shopping giant have come up with a “Send Gift” features. So you can send a surprise gift to that someone special on their special day from the store where you usually shop and vice versa. That’s innovative and I am liking it so very much (Smiley!!! Smiley!!!). And now do I need to even mention about reward points... I guess “No”.

Cheaper Price and Worldwide: Let me explain it this way, to run a computer for an hour is a lot cheaper than to run a car (Customer point of view) or a physical shop (Sellers point of view). In online shopping, the product comes to us directly from the seller or store without a middleman involved. So, the cost to the seller is less and thus we get much cheaper and better deals online. We all need cheaper and better deals for sure and that’s the reason why we look out for sales at stores; but now, we can have it all throughout the year. Another thing I like about online shopping is, it doesn’t limit me within my physical boundaries. I can shop from virtually anywhere and everywhere with some few clicks and search. I can also read the reviews about the products and also read people’s recommendations and experiences with the store or the product. Wow!!! I think that’s clean.

Discreet Purchases: That awkward moment when I walk into a store to purchase an innerwear and the shop keeper turns out to be a very attractive and gorgeous young lady (Yes I am a man). Well, not a very serious problem but for sure it does leave us into some embarrassing situations, right? Now you got me.  Some things are always better done in privacy. For example, like buying a sexy lingerie, sex toys (Sorry, I have to mention it) and so on. Now you can avoid that embarrassment with online shopping.

            Well, that’s much about it, but before I go offline, just some quick notes before you go out there and shop online, to avoid any unwanted situations or privacy theft which is very common nowadays. Always check:

1.      Does the online store (from where you are about to shop) value your privacy and confidentiality? Is their Privacy Policy available for you to read it if you want to see it?
2.      How long have they been online or in the business? Are they reputed in the business? (Always read other shoppers review and do your own research before you plunge).
3.      Does the online store you are dealing with have a way to contact them, like a customer service number, address etc.?
4.      In case of unsatisfactory service, check if they have a refund or exchange policy.
5.      And always check for any shipping or hidden charges.

Happy Shopping :)