Sunday, 12 January 2014

Stripe Fashion Trend and Amazon

            So it was all striped out in the fashion world in 2013. From Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabbana to Philosophy de Alberta Ferretti, spring and fall runways were all filled with stripes. And when it comes to our celebrities, they are all geared up to take this trend to a new height. We all saw that annoying maxi dress Miley Cyrus decided to wear out when she came out of a studio In NY or the very cute stripe top on Taylor Swift while performing in Vancouver on her Red Tour. Even Katy Perry chooses a stripe metallic dress to the Summer of Sony event in Cancun or the very elegant Rosie Huntington Whiteley with a full sleeve, on her travel.

          No wonder, right now “Stripe Fashion Trend” is among one of the most search topic on the internet. And according to some fashion inside, it seems like this trend is here to stay in 2014 fashion circuit. So if you decide to pick one and don’t want to burn a hole in the pocket shopping, here is what you can do with amazon instead of googling for phrase like, “Cheap Online Clothing” “Cheap Online Stores” “Cheap Online Clothes”.

          Well, you already know we have an amazon store but yes, we promised to only list the best-rated and bestselling clothes by customers on our store. So, here are our some picks. Hopefully, you will find it useful. Click on the pictures or the white text to see product details and reviews.
Sometimes I really get confused how these sellers named their products on Amazon, it tends to make no sense at all or might even take you 15 mins to remember their names. Anyway, I love Striped Legging and they are always a sure style statement. For $20.27 & free shipping, I will not blame you if your friends get jealous the next time you decide to wear this one.


I love loose and hanging sweaters. Don’t ask me why? You know why. And I am sure we all have one in our closet. If you don’t have one, you are one dumb b**ch. Go buy one now and find out what you are missing. This Blue-White Striped Sweater is sure a cutie and at 70% off ($19), it will fit any budget.


 I don’t why I just love this Striped Coat. It’s simple yet very classy and the best part, it comes under $15 budget. Yup, that’s right; you don’t need another reason to buy this one. Or maybe, ask your mom for a $25 budget, pocket $10 and enjoy!!! You bad bad girl…lol
So, we mentioned Taylor Swift before and if you are one big fan of her, maybe you might wanna go for this Striped Dress. Just don’t break a lot heart and write a song about it wearing this dress...ehehe… Right now it’s one sale for 39% off + Free Shipping. Swift is on a run for her money. 

So you are on holiday on a beach or was walking down the street for a breakfast, suddenly someone stop you and start asking a lot deal about this Striped Hat, what would you feel??? Well, that’s what exactly one of the buyers said on her review. And it just at $25 (51% off), need I say more?

Talking about the beach, ladies, this one is perfect for an evening out on a beach by the fire and also can cover up excess sun for $15.99 (54% off). Don’t forget to pack this Casual Summer Cover-Up Sun Dress on your next holiday trip along with a hat and a white sneaker.

I don’t know why many girls these days with a very long and sexy leg always want to show off their legs to the world. It’s rather too mainstream and especially when you can look even more glamorous and modest at the same time with this Stripe Racer Back Mid-Calf Tank Dress. Go girl, set a new trend yourself for $9.40 & Free Shipping. Oh wait!!! Some celebrities are already wearing it.

I wish I was taller and I might end up wearing maxi most evenings. With this Striped Maxi your tan is sure gonna compliment and if you have a nice body, there is no limit for $44.25. Just don’t blame me if you start to get more attention then you wanted. I am innocent…lol...

Hey you naughty girl in maxi; I think it’s high time you get into the real thing with this Elastic Stripe Low Rise Sport Shorts. You are welcome, I just spoiled you. Just promise me that you won’ do a duck face and take a selfie inside the bathroom wearing only this….lol. Starts at $3.99.


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